Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Off We Go; New Adventures

As I write this I sit in the airport wait to board my flight to Tokyo. A new adventure for me, my wife and Ginger. While I'm away in Tokyo fishing and hiking my wife, Junko, is in charge of dog training here in the states. While she's done a fair share of the training it's never been for such a long period of time. It will be an adventure for her and Ginger. Fortunately she's taken it upon herself to teach Ginger Rock, Paper, Scissors. I don't know how this will translate to a hunting skill, but I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves while I'm away. As for how much mobile blogging I'll be able to do, that's any bodies guess. But you can still get an installment while I'm away. if you pick up a copy of the summer edition of RGS magazine, you can read my article on Gundogs. Hopefully in the future you'll see my name in RGS magazine at least somewhat frequently.