Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Behind The 8 Ball

     Real life, and sporting life never seem to have much in common. Sometimes they meet in the middle, and at other times,.....this year has been one of those "other times" kind of year for me. While I've gotten in some interesting things like my trip to Japan, I've been forced to focus on some other pressing issues, and find myself solidly behind the 8 ball as grouse season approaches.

     Most pressing has been my need to focus on my health. This has become priority number one for me. Yes, I'm still spending time training Ginger, but not as much as I'd like to, or the kind of drills we need to be doing.  I've also not made my way to the gun club in a while, my skeet shooting routine having fallen to the wayside, as well. My time has been filled with a series of regular trail runs, cycling, and even a bit of mountain biking. All good things which I should have been making time for, but never did until order to by the doctor.

     Of course as the fall rapidly approaches I've once again set aside time for Gingers education, and my shotgunning tune up. I'm not overly concerned, really. Ginger is intelligent, and biddable; she'll take to any training I put in front of her. I've also swung a shotgun enough to know that I'll easily blow the dust off, and be breaking clays to my former level in no time. I was never very good anyhow, so the bar is pretty low. This all has got me thinking I may not be so behind the 8 ball after all. While I may not have followed my usual routine in the off season, nor my standard approach as the season nears, it it not lost on my that my improved health my be the great equalizer. With the exception of a recently injured ankle, for which I am seeking treatment, I feel great. I've lost 40+lbs, and no doubt will be able to carry myself through the woods much easier this season. My lack in shooting skills, and Gingers reduced training schedule should easily be made up with more time afield resulting in more bird contacts, and more shooting opportunities. I guess all I really need to worry about is how I break the news to the guys at camp that we're all on a diet, and getting them to eat their vegetables.