Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fast Flush?

     Being an avid Ruffed Grouse hunter I am always amazed at the speed with which they pick up, and fly way. I've always believed Ruffies to be the fastest of all grouse. Having now had the opportunity to see a Red Grouse flush in the North Yorkshire moors, I still believe the Ruffie to be the fastest of all grouse. Though, to be fair, I doubt the Reds are any easier to shoot with their low, ground hugging flight. I was fortunate enough to capture on video a Red flushing in front of me. 

So,....What do you think?

Which Bird Flushes and Flies Faster?

Ruffed Grouse
Red Grouse
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Friday, January 22, 2016

New Toy Search, Part 2

     My search for a new gun continues. I'd like to thank everyone who voted in the poll. While there was clearly a voter preference for the Uggie, it was far from a run away victory. I haven't made up my mind yet, and a few new revelations and concerns have muddied the water. So, here is what I've been thinking, and why.

     I am heavily leaning towards my new gun being an O/U. Why? My only SxS is a short barreled Beretta, which doesn't fit me very well, and as a result, unless I shoot this gun exclusively and a lot, I don't shoot it well. Because this is my only experience with a SxS I am reluctant to spend a lot of money on a new one. That is, until I've had a proper gun fitting done to which I can compare my "gun script" to the measurements of the Beretta. I have never had a gun fitting, and would like to know what a proper fit should be. By knowing and comparing to the Beretta I will have a better idea of whether I have a fit issue with this gun, or if I'm just no good at shooting a SxS. For what it's worth, I've killed a lot of birds with this gun, but consistently struggle at skeet and sporting clays with it. The results of the fitting will also help me decide whether to have a new, custom stock built to my "script".

     I've also begun having second thoughts about spending big money on a 16 gauge gun. While 16 gauge enthusiasts swear it is the ultimate gauge I have a little trouble investing too much in a limited gauge. Finding 16 gauge ammo is not terribly easy, and I can easily see myself running out of ammo on a road trip, and being stuck without. None of this is meant to say that I won't be adding a 16 to my collection. It just won't be a terribly expensive one. Fortunately Browning makes a couple of 16 gauge O/U's that I would be happy to own. One is the Citori White Lighting, of which I currently shoot in 20 gauge and love. The other is their Citori Gran Lightning, which is a grade V gun, and offered at a very reasonable price. It also bear noting, that Browning has begun offering many of their field guns with 30", and 32" barrel options for those who either prefer shooting game with longer barrels, or shooting clays with lighter guns.
Browning 16 gauge Citori Gran Lightning

     So where does that leave me? Quite honestly I am still very much thinking of getting the B. Rizzini, but rather than getting it in 16, I will probably get it in 28 gauge. I've got a short barreled 28 gauge Gamba O/U, and I like it quite a bit, but I simply shoot longer barrels better, so I believe the 30" barrel option on the Rizzini is the way to go. But,.....

     There is one factor I haven't laid before you yet. There is a very high likely hood, in the 90%+ range, that I will be having a wrist surgery that will keep me from shooting any gun for several months. Because of this I've got time to think about it, and consider my options carefully. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Couple of Interesting Videos

Happy New  Year, everyone. Hope 2016 is a sporting year, with tight lines and true shot. Steady dogs would be nice, too.


      I'm not tech savvy. At all. So while I wish there were a couple of videos embedded here, there are not. so, you'll just have to follow the links. Anyway, I think you'll enjoy these. I did.