Monday, December 2, 2013

The Quest For Fame

     While I expect I'll never be famous, my name rolling across the big screen, I am doing what I can to make Ginger a more readily recognized dog. Especially amongst the field trial and hunt test crowd. As good as she is (understanding fully that she needs more work) it should also be pointed out that she's damned cute too. And it's this cuteness that I've employed to attempt to both get her on the cover of an Orvis catelog, and to help Orvis raise money for the Morris Animal Foundation to research canine cancer. What can be better that getting a beautiful dog face like Ginger's spread across the country, and helping to end canine cancer all at once? So, If you can spare a fiver, I'm asking for your help. And should you find a cuter dog (doubt it) while browsing the entries, you wish to vote for,....well, thats fine, too. This is really about the dogs. having lost my pal. Austin, to cancer I believe this is a cause worth supporting.


Vote for Ginger/ Donate here