Thursday, February 14, 2019

Best Bits, Best Kit

     Over the years I've collected lots and lots of shooting and outdoor gear. Some of it good, some not so good. With in this collection there is some bit of kit which, while maybe seemingly inconsequential bring an even greater joy, like the feeling one gets finding a pearl in an oyster, or putting a new pair of wiper blades on the car. I want to share with you a few items which I regard as some of the best kit I own.

     Some time ago Boyt made a soft sided double gun slip. As it was unusual for me to only ever travel with just one shotgun, when seeing one for sale on Ebay, I snapped it up. This may be the number one best piece of shooting kit I ever bought. Boys has a great reputation for well made gear, and this gun slip upholds that reputation.

Looking just like a normal slip, this slip is divided down the middle with flaps on both sides.

     Another item I seldom leave behind is a fleece Beretta shooting vest. Another item which is sadly discontinued, and scored off Ebay. This fleece vest is warm, comfortable, and has bellow pockets for shells. It is, unlike so many fleece vests offered here in the US, actually made for shooting. 

Being overstock sold on Ebay this vest was embroidered with a club name, which I easily fixed by slapping a RGS patch over it. 

     This next bit of fit is not something you take afield, but something you really appreciate afterwards, and that is a Peet boot dryer. I'm not really sure how I managed without one before. I always bring my boot dryer to camp, where it often pulls double duty. Sweaty boots go on the dryer for a bit if at camp for lunch, and then again after the day is over. On cold mornings, much like warming up the car, the boots go on the dryer for 15 minutes before heading out. If you don't have a Peet's you will never miss it, but once you've experienced it, you won't be able to do without.

A small luxury you'll never want to live without.