Friday, January 28, 2011

    Welcome to All Seasons, and thank you for exploring my new outdoors blog. In this blog I will be writing about many different aspects of outdoor sport, and how to prepare the game you have brought home from your outdoor adventure.

     As an avid outdoorsman I prefer to spend my free time hunting and fishing. I also enjoy cooking, and there is nothing better than creating a delicious meal with game you have taken in the outdoors. Ruffed Grouse hunting, and wing shooting being my favorite outdoor pursuits, this blog will probably contain many stories of time spent carrying a shotgun behind a good bird dog. I also enjoy deer hunting and have been known to pursue them with muzzleloader and bow, however, my success rate in hunting deer is much lower. Hopefully I will one day have the privilege of blogging about a successful deer hunt, and sharing with everyone a delicious recipe.

     Being that I am starting this blog in January I doubt I will be spending much time in the outdoors until the spring. This being the case, I will begin with sharing some recipes I have cooked in the past, and outdoor stories of past seasons. I will also share with you stories of some of the wonderful bird dogs I've had the privilege of shooting over. Then, as winter turns into spring I will prepare for turkey hunting season, and some trout fishing adventures.

     Occasionally I may share a story or two related to some of my other interests, Rugby, Judo, or travel. I expect that I may also have entries written by some of my good hunting buddies included this blog, and I'm sure over time I will find a way to introduce you to the crew I am fortunate enough to hunt with.


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