Monday, February 7, 2011

Things You Should Check Out.

     "Things You Should Check Out" will be (hopefully) a reoccurring post I will put up when I find things of interest to the sportsman. I may do a product review, but most likely I'll just post links to relevant website, and events.

     Ducks Unlimited has a new DU iPhone app. The app has some pretty cool features. In particular, I like the waterfowl ID feature. The app also has a lot of videos of various categories all relating to waterfowl, and conservation. I find this app to be both educational, and entertaining. It works on the iPad too.

     If you have an interest in the British sporting traditions you might want to check out Fieldsports Channel.
Fieldsports Channel airs a weekly program, which like the DU app, I find both educational, and entertaining. They also have a Youtube channel, called Fieldsportschannel. Check it out. As a wing shooter I've enjoyed their shooting tip segments.

     This week the Sportsman's show is at the DCU center in Worcester, Ma. All the info can be found at
This show is always a good time. If you like big game hunting, and fishing there will be no short supply of outfitters, guides, and captains who can lead you on an adventure. Unfortunately the show lacks in the area of wing shooting, but I'll be there none the less/

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  1. A great heads up on the Fieldsports channel! That's a great way to fill in the "in-between" season.