Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things You Should Check Out, Bushcraft Edition

Anyone who's been reading this blog regularly knows I have a little bit of an interest in outdoor safety, and survival. Sooner or later, I'm going to find myself unexpectedly spending a night in the woods. In trying to Learn some techniques to make my night more manageable and dare I say it, comfortable, I started looking at bushcraft resources online. The idea being that I could turn a survival situation, into an incidental bushcraft expedition when the time arises. One resource I recently discovered is Bushcraft USA.
Bushcraft USA has an online store which stocks a variety of equipment, as well as having a lively forum where members exchange info, ideas, and expedition photos. One of the features of the forum I like is the online bushcraft curriculum. Members can study the instruction and videos, before practicing the skills. When they feel they've got command of the skill they then post pictures of their handy work for all to see. After they complete the entire curriculum, and their pictures are reviewed by a Bushcraft USA instructor, the student receives a certificate of completion. Check it out.

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