Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apologies, and Here's What's In Store

It's been a slow, tough month for the All Seasons Outdoors Team, which consists of basically just me. Real life, ie work, has kept me pretty busy, as has lots of puppy time/training. This hasn't given me much to write about, and thus, I've not posted here in nearly two weeks. And for that I apologize.

But, just because I've not had anything to post, doesn't mean I've not been working on stuff. Hopefully, stuff that wil, translate into good, amusing, and helpful articles I can share with you all. Anyway, here is a preview of a few of the things I've been working on.

*Right now my good friend George is way up north on a fall trout fishing adventure. George recently provided me with a little info, and a picture from his uncles spring bear hunt in Canada. Should George not get eaten by a hungry bruin on his adventure I'm hoping to recount tales of his angling skills, and maybe a picture or two in the near future.

*Grouse season is nearly upon us, too, and I've got both an October, and a November grouse camp planned. The pup will not be ready, but I expect camp to offer a few unique training opportunities in addition to great hunting.

*Deer season is looking like it'll shape up to be special. It looks like I'll be both rifle, and muzzleloader hunting on an old farm in connecticut again this year. It's been a few years since I hunted down there, and it's always enjoyable.

*Massachusetts deer season should be interesting, too. The wood lot I hunt was quite heavily affected by the recent weather events we've had, and the deer have changed their patterns. In many places it looks like these changes will benefit me, though I've got to move/fine tune a few treestand locations.

*And the big event. It looks like I may be spending a few days just before Thanksgiving pheasant hunting in Kansas. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Of course there will be other events tossed in, too. I expect I'll be doing a bit of grouse hunting at some of my regular spots here in Mass, as well as a few renegade waterfowling canoe voyages. And when these things happen, you'll be the first to hear about them.

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