Monday, October 3, 2011

A Few Things To Look Forward To. More Expansion.

In my quest to bring entertaining, helpful, and amusing outdoors anecdotes to the world, and make this the numero uno outdoors blog on the planet I've decided I'd make a few changes, and expand a bit more. To do this I've enlisted some help, and now have a team of pro-staffers/ roving correspondents. Of course no one is actually pro, as I don't have anything to offer them other than the prestige of contributing to the blog, and maybe a hat in the future. None of them are actually roving either, but they are prone to spending a significant portion of their free time in the outdoors. So you can look forward to a few different views, and some reports from a few exotic locales in the future.

With everything that's wrong with outdoor TV, especially hunting TV, I thought it was time to show the world what actually happens. No, I'm not hosting a newTV show. But I will be making, and posting my own videos, and starting an All Seasons Outdoors YouTube channel. You will get to see me and the guys miss all kinds of easy shot on game, break off big fish, and suffer extreme humiliation at the whim of our expertly trained gun dogs. But you'll need to be patient; it'll take a bit of time to get both the video footage, and the channel up and running. But it'll be sure to make you smile.


  1. You mean hunting TV isn't real? I thought I was doing something wrong since I don't bag trophy bucks every time I go out, and limit out on ducks, quail and other birds each time out. Look forward to some reality.