Friday, November 11, 2011

Grouse Camp 2011 Photos

     What is it, really, that brings us all to grouse camp each fall? It must be something truly special to motivate one to pack dog, gear and gun into a cramped car, and turn north to the farthest reaches of New Hampshire. I've got it easy, only driving up from Boston, but others make the trip from more southerly points; New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania,.....and in past years, even from as far away as Colorado. Perhaps it's the thrill of sneaking away from civilization, and staying in a rustic camp?

Or the view it provides?

Maybe it's the thrill of getting to hunt and share camp with this guy? But I doubt it.

   I think it's about covers filled with potential,.....

 and the vistas travelled between them.

But even more, I think it's about good friends, and gun dogs.

Sterling & Tim
Steve & Lula

Myself & Bryan


Often the surprises we encounter along the way become cherished memories,......*

Woodies flushed from a creek

but mostly, it's the birds that bring us together.

Special thanks to ASO Pro Staffers Bryan, and Sterling for providing the photos.
* If you ever have a chance to meet Sterling, ask him about his cherished memory of a Black Bear surprise in Pennsylvania.

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