Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter? Weather

     Over the years I've heard a lot about the global warming phenomenon. Having spent a good amount of my time outdoors, in all seasons (no pun intended), I've pretty much discounted the theories of how the earth is warming up. One day in a duck blind in January will have anyone who is adamant the global temps are rising second guessing themselves real quick. This year I've begun to think a bit differently, as here in Massachusetts we've been having an extremely warm winter. This warm winter, is of course, great for things like dog training. Not so good for things like tracking deer. The snow has arrived, and the temps have dropped, so it seems the party is over. The dog training continues, none the less, as the depth of the snow fall has even necessitated the use of my snow blower, yet. Here are a few dog training pics from a recent pre-snow session. Enjoy.
**Photos by Junko Nakao Rich


  1. Pretty pup! It has been warm this year. It is 65 here in South Georgia on January 24th. We don't have very cold winters down here, but this is a little silly!

  2. The snow is gone and the weather report for today is calling for temps in the 50s. Within the hour this pretty pup will be a very muddy, dirty pup.