Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Action Alert; Mass & Ct Trouble

     Okay, Sportsmen. It's time to make some noise. It has come to my attention that there is trouble brewing in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. It's time to pick up the phone, and write some well crafted letters to the powers that be.

     We'll start in Conecticut. The governor there has decide that in an effort to close a budget gap that he would end the states pheasant stocking program. This is a problem in so many ways. First, pheasant hunting is a great tradition. Many sportsman list pheasant as their number one pursuit in the outdoors. As the state has failed to find ways to manage the wild pheasant population, ending the stocking program would end pheasant hunting in the state. Pheasant hunting is also a great way to start out a newbie or a youngster, and with hunting license sales generally dropping across the country we need a venue like tis to keep the hunting tradition alive. But I think the most disturbing thing about the attack on the stocking program is the fact that it won't really do anything to help with the budget trouble. Pheasant stocking programs are paid for by the hunters. The sale of hunting licenses are where the stocking money comes from.

Here's a link to an article about the trouble in Conecticut. Pheasant Trouble

     On to Mass. A dog loving rep has seen fit to file a bill that would change the way we care for our dogs. Apparently Rep. Cheryl A. Coakley-Rivera thinks owning a couple of mutts makes her more knowledgeable about dog care than the rest of us. She has filed a bill that would limit how you confine your dog. The bill goes so far as to say that a kennel must meet the approval of a building inspector. And get this, dogs will no longer be allowed to be kenneled outdoors between the hours of 11pm, and 7am. The language in this bill makes me sick. The good rep has obviously never visited a kennel of working dog, met or talked to any of the mushers in the community, nor have any understanding of the different breeds.

Here's a link to the bill. Bill H.2809

Yup. It's time to make some noise


  1. It will start with pheasant and then move on to the trout stocking program. Malloy must be stopped. Rep Cheryl is off her rocker too. During the next presidential election look for one of the state shaded RED and move there. Really who do they think they are to tell you how to care for your dog (a family member)

  2. Both worthy calls to action - keep your dog inside tssshhh WTF its a dog