Monday, June 11, 2012


     Regular readers Of All Seasons Outdoors would have noticed a lack of content over the last month. I was away. I had an opportunity to spend several weeks in Japan, so ASO sat idle for a spell while I spent some time investigating other interests in the Tokyo area. The trip did provide some material which will be shared here in the near future, but it also revealed, unfortunately, the need to have a good sporting network in place. A network that you can rely on should things go bad at home while you're away. A network that can handle dog emergencies should they occur, as my wife and Ginger discovered.

     Prior to leaving for Japan I assembled a phone list of reliable people who could be counted on should help be require on the home front. One of these numbers was that of my good friend Bruce, a kennel owner, and dog trainer. Should a dog issue arise Bruce would be the go to guy in my absence. Unfortunately, Bruce would need to be called upon, but for little more than a phone call, and some Q&A at my request. A few days into my trip I recieved word from my wife that Ginger had badly cut a pad while out on an excersize run, and required an overnight stay at the animal hospital. Several stitches, antibiotics, pain relieves, and a cone of shame was in her future.

     As emergencies go, my wife handled this one perfectly, recognizing the severity of the cut, the change in the dogs behavior, and the need for expert care. So it was off to the hospital. I on the other hand, being half way around the globe was quite worried, and wanted to know exactly what I was dealing with.Two things helped greatly in this reguard. The first was the ability to e-mail pictures from one smart phone to another. This allowed me to see the damage to the foot. The other was having put together a network. I activated Bruce to check in, and get a report on Ginger's condition and let me know if anything more, or extreme had to be done. The network allowed me to relax for the remainder of my trip knowing Ginger had recieved the proper care, and was in good hands.

     Assembling a small, but reliable network can pay off big if needed. It's something all dog owners should have. Knowing that proper care can be just a phone call away is what it takes to be able to fully relax when travelling, and I'm sure glad I had a network for me, my wife, and Ginger.

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