Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things You Should Check Out; The Vintage Cup

     On Friday Sept. 28th I had the pleasure of admitted onto the grounds of Addieville East to take in the shooting, and vendors of The Vintagers 16th Annual Vintage Side By Side Championships and Double Rifle Championships and Exhibition. The Vintagers are a club dedicated to preserving the traditions and culture of the vintage years. Members shoot double guns exclusively, and adhere to the traditional dress codes of tweeds, breeks, and ties, though kilts are acceptable, too, as I found out.

     The grounds of Addieville proved a perfect fit for this event. With a sprawling sporting clays course the staff at Addieville was able to modify the course to fit the needs of the various disciplines. The disciplines included events for both the wingshooters, and the big game enthusiasts. Two sporting clays courses were layed out; a big bore course for 10, 12, and 16 bore guns, and a small bore course for any gun 20 bore of finer.  The targets on the small bore course varied depending on which bore gun you chose to shoot, while all the shooter on the big bore course got the same target presentations regardless of bore. There was also a flurry shoot set up where two shooters with loaders chase after high flying clays thrown above the trees from wobble traps in towers. Designed to simulate driven bird shooting, this station is said to an exhausting 4 minutes for red hot barrels of fun. This is one station I intend to try next year.The rifle courses offered various timed events, as well as a simulated dangerous game station where one could test their cool shooting a number of artillery shell sized double rifles at charging, and running elephants, and rhinos.

     Equally impressive was the collection of vendors in attendance. If you're looking for fine guns you'll find them at The Vintage Cup. While I haven't the budget (yet) to own a Holland and Holland or any other bespoke British double, I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by them. As well as some great sporting art, vintage books, and quality bespoke clothing. It was also nice to get to meet some of the faces that belong to the names I've often seen in some of the more popular wingshooting magazines (even though they won't publish my work). As an intrepid travelling wingshooter who has made his way to many of the New England and east coast states in search of sport I have found a few that I consider "local" that I found of interest.
     Christine Knight Coombs is an artist from New Hampshire who had a display of some fantastic paintings of outdoor scenes on display. Unfortunately at this time her web site is still under construction, but it is worth doing a google search for in the future.

     If you're in the market for a high end, or unique gun then Amoskeag Auction Company is the place to go. Located in Manchester NH, Amoskeag Auction Co holds several auctions of sporting and military collectible weapons.
Jason Devine, President of Amoskeag Auction Co.
     Located in Litchfield Ct, Braeval Sporting Apparel makes a line of stylish, comfortable, and functional clothing. If you're looking to be the best dressed person in the field, the river, or on the clays course Braeval is for you.
Gregor McCluskey, Founder of Braeval
     For the ladies, Good Shot Design of New Jersey, created by Lyndall Bailye is producing bespoke English style tweeds that are suitable for a day afield, or just a comfortable afternoon out.
Lyndall Bailye
     So if you're in the mood to preserve some of yesterday's sporting traditions, swing a nice double gun, or improve your sporting wardrobe check  these out.
     And just so you can get a bit of a feel for the atmosphere at The Vintage Cup, a few photos. Enjoy.







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