Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things You Should Check Out; British Stylings

     Having just returned from a trip to England, where I fortunate enough to spend (just) a little time roaming the countryside I thought it appropriate to feature a couple of stores I visited while there. Traditional British style hasn't caught on here in the states, but that doesn't mean there isn't a market for a bit of tweed, or a nice cap. Perhaps you'll be attending a Vintager's shoot, such as the up coming Vintage Cup, or just feel like looking sharp when busting clays on the skeet field. Maybe your significant other likes it when you up your game a little bit. Who knows?....But there no good reason to not know where to turn to when the need arises. So here it is.

     Located at 9 Pall Mall in London, Farlow's, is probably the most well know outfitter around. Stocking a variety of both men's and women's country clothing, as well as having a well stocked fishing section, and a large selection of sundry items appropriate for any serious grouse camp, this place is well worth the visit. But be warned, like all of London, prepare for a bit of sticker shock. Nothing is cheap, but no doubt you'll see something you want to take home. Already I'm having regrets about not dropping a few pounds on a sculpted pheasant bottle opener that surely would have been a crowd favorite at camp.

     Next up is an outfitter I visited in a small town called Broadway, in the Cotswolds. Landmark, is located on the High street, and is muck like Farlow's, but with what seems like a bit of a larger inventory, and a country feel. Being in the countryside, no doubt the staff at Landmark know their business, and can set you up with just what you need. Like Farlow's, I didn't walk away empty handed, and took home a nice Schoffel Cap.
     Being so impressed with both the quality of the merchandise, and the tradition behind it, I've decided that not only are these shops worthy of being featured here, but that they are also worthy of an ASO endorsement. So, whether you are in need of a little anglo-country style, or just curious, check them out.

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