Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slow It Down, People. Slow It Down.

     No doubt about it; hunting season is just around the corner. For some it's just days away, while for others we're just happy that we are closer to the next season than we are from the last. Social media is full of preseason hype, and new hunting catalogs are in my mail box daily.

     I'm looking forward to the season, too. But truth be told, I'm in no hurry for the summer to end. It's still August, but try buying a six pack of a summer ale. They're scarce now. However, Oktoberfest beers are already in stores. Really? We still have 4 more weeks of summer, 6 weeks til October. What's the hurry? At training yesterday, friend and fellow spaniel club member, Brice, asked  the question; When did we start deciding the seasons based on the children's vacations? It's a valid question. My school days are long behind me. My summer runs until mid-September. I intend to enjoy all of it, too. And guess what kids? You go to school in the summer time. What you call "summer" is really just a summer vacation. Summer has already started when your vacation starts, and it continues after you're back in school. It's time for us adults to reclaim summer. Sure, it's a little tougher for those who must juggle leisure time and school aged children, but that doesn't mean one should abandon finding time to enjoy a gin n tonic in the yard with a good book. Or a swim in the local lake. Or a day at the beach.

     As for Oktoberfest beers? Well, I'll be sure to enjoy them at grouse camp after a long day afield, but for now, it's still summer.

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