Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Toy Search

     Like all sportsmen, no season, be it shooting on fishing, is complete without the addition of a new toy. Sometimes it's something small and inexpensive, like a new fly box or a pair of shooting glasses. At other times it can be much more of an investment, like a new truck, a boat, or even a hunting camp. I find myself in search for a middle ground item; a new gun. I've got a few holes in the current line up, and a few ideas of how to fill them, but I'm still putting the pieces together.

     I am generally a sub-gauge shooter, my preference being the 20 gauge. But,....more and more, when I shoot a 12 gauge I enjoy the satisfying smack it puts on targets. I'm planning to spend more time shooting sporting clays this winter, and have been giving some thought to getting a dedicated 12 gauge sporting gun.

     But,.....being a sub-gauge guy, I've been thinking that a 28 gauge would be nice. Oh yeah; I've got one. But I don't have a long barreled 28 gauge, mine is a sleek little 26" game gun.

     Hmmm,.....I've only got one SxS?? I shoot it pretty good for another sleek, short barreled game gun. Its a 20 gauge, and maybe I'd enjoy something a little bigger?.......Or a little smaller?

     My go to 20 gauge Browning has got 28" barrels, and the more I shoot it, the more I wish I had 30" barrels. Can I justify adding another 20 gauge for the sake of gaining 2" more? maybe a 32"er?

     Seriously, now. I am in the search for another gun. I took my desire for a new gun to the "committee", and it was decided that I am both old enough, and serious enough about my shooting to add a "nice gun". Of course finding a gun that fits the bill is easier said than done. I do have a couple of ideas, however, there are a few things I like in a gun, and it seems that very few in this country also like what I like, and finding a gun configured the way I like them is a little tough. So, what are my thought? Well, I don't currently own a 16 gauge, and I thought maybe I'd try going that route. I also don't own any guns with 30" barrels, which is something I've been wanting. The problem is, it's hard to find a 30"  O/U field gun in this country, and add to the equation that I've a preference for a straight, or POW stock, and......Now, while I'd like a 30" O/U configuration, I don't care much for longer barrels on a SxS. My SxS has 26" pipes, and truthfully, I'd rather they were 28". So I've also been looking around for a SxS with 28" barrels, in either 12, or 16 gauge. Anyway, I've come up with a short list of potential additions, subject of course my actually laying hands on them and checking the fit. They are:

B. Rizzini Artemis, 16g, straight stock, 30"bbl 
*pictures w/ 28"bbl

Uggie Grade V, 16g, 28"bbl

Beretta 486 Parallelo, 12g, 28"bbl

     Of the 3 guns on my short list the Beretta looks to be the gun I will buy, for now. The trouble is, I can't decide what I want more, a longer barreled O/U or a larger bore SxS. So, I'm asking for the opinions of my faithful readers, not to help me decide, but to make the decision more difficult for me, because truthfully, your opinions will surely just scramble my brain even more. But what the hell. This will be fun. 

Which shotgun would you like to see me buy?

Rizinni 16g O/U
Uggie 16g SxS
Beretta 12g SxS
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  1. being on a buget, I'd be going with an 870 Youth 20 ga, I think 26". I loved my Zabala double 20, with 26's, never should have sold it.