Monday, February 15, 2016

Mapping A New Road

     I don't know too many New England based sportsmen or sportswomen who don't own a DeLorme Gazetteer for one state or another. Many have several different state Gazetteers, myself owning 6. The DeLorme Maine Gazatteer is one of the, if not the most, recognizable atlas around.

     There is a change brewing for the Yarmouth Maine company as Garmin begins making a bid to buy them. The word on the street is that Garmin have already signed a lease for the DeLorme location in Yarmouth. It is unclear if the print version of the Atlas and Gazetteer will still be published by Garmin, but this sportsman, and I'm sure a lot more, hope they continue the tradition of printing these invaluable references for all 50 states. Sadly, however, Garmin have already announced their plan to close the small shop located in the DeLorme building.

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