Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Logo, The Explanation.

     A few weeks ago I unveiled a new logo  and page stop for All Seasons Outdoors. I'd put a lot of thought in to what elements I wanted in a new logo. I wanted a simple logo, but one with some meaning. Many of you, especially long time readers will probably immediately see the significance. Others will be left scratching their heads wondering. I shall explain.

     The base of the logo is a moose antler. The moose antler is significant to me. Years ago I found a moose shed antler while hunting up north. I used that shed for the cover photo of this blog 5 years ago, and still use it, today. That moose shed antler has become one of my prized outdoors finds.

     The crest has 4 quarters, each with a different flag in the background, and a different animal in the foreground. On top is an American flag with a Ruffed Grouse. I am an American, and as a sportsman I identify as a grouse hunter. It is the grouse that get me into the woods each fall. Yes, I do spend time hunting other species, but the Ruffed Grouse is my passion. Traveling clockwise you will find a Japan flag with a trout. This is significant as I've fished in Japan, and have a very good trout fishing friend there. Moving on you will find a Canada flag with bear tracks. My first international hunting trip was to Canada for a Black Bear hunt. As we come around we move on the the flag of Great Britain with a  Pheasant. England was my second (and soon to be third) international hunting expedition, and it was there that I shot driven pheasant in the English countryside. The page stop is layed out differently, but the meanings are the same. So there you have it. 

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