Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grouse School- RGS Event

     Some years ago I had an idea. This year I made it happen. What is it? Grouse School. Often when I haven't got the time to get away, up north for some proper grouse and woodcock hunting I will run the dog at a local WMA which is stocked with pheasant. She appreciates the work, and I get to eat an occasional pheasant. Often when there I will bump into another hunter, most often in the parking lot, and we will start talking. When the conversation turns to where else we hunt, and I tell them I don't hunt any other WMAs, but I go grouse and woodcock hunting the standard reply is that they'd love to try that some day, had thought about trying it, didn't know where to go,etc....

     Well, I'm not one for holding anyone's hand and walking them through the woods, but I sure don't mind leading them on a path of self discovery, so I thought "Grouse School".  It wasn't terribly hard to get off the ground. The Massapoag Sportsmans Club, where I regularly shoot skeet, had been trying to find ways to have more events at the club. I took my idea to some senior members, and was told go for it. A call to RGS regional biologist Andy Weik was next, and we were off and running. A few more phone calls to RGS, and some area chapter members put the icing on the cake, and grouse school was born.

So, if you are in the Massachusetts area, and would like to learn more about grouse and woodcock hunting, come on by.

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