Friday, May 3, 2019

Paying It Forward; Savage Service Program

     Sometimes a little recognition is a nice thing. As someone who has spent nearly his entire adult life working in the public safety arena (4 years USCG, and 23 years career fire dept), the recognition and appreciation go a long way in helping to make it feel like a worthwhile venture during the times when you start questioning your judgement. Of course, those times when you do receive a bit of recognition and appreciation aren't why we do it, and I doubt I could explain why we do, but take it from me, it isn't always easy, so....

     Anyway, a while back I became aware of a program Savage Arms is running that recognizes, and shows some appreciation to those in public service. The Savage Service Program is a program where police, firefighters, EMTs, Military members, Veterans, Retired Military, and other in service can purchase a firearm from Savage at a 30% discount. There are restrictions as to who qualifies, and how many firearms per year can be purchased, so read the fine print closely. You will also need an FFL holder to receive the firearm for you, as is required by law.

     To find out if you qualify, or to purchase a firearm go to, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Resources click the Service Program link. This is where you can find out if you qualify.  Then at the bottom of the page click DOWNLOAD THE SERVICE PROGRAM FORM. This is the form you use to order your firearm. Savage may or may not have what you are looking for, but they do have a pretty broad selection of rifles and even a few shotguns.

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