Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lost in the Supermarket

    Iconic punk band, The Clash, of the late 70's and early 80's had a tune called Lost in the Supermarket. I must admit, I've had days when I've shut down key operating systems of the cerebral kind and left a supermarket unaware of why I'd bought some of the garbage in my cart. Being a bit of a gastronome I'm usually focused, thinking of little more than the task at hand. Today, however, I was pleasantly surprised, and amused when I came upon the gift card center at the local Stop & Shop. According to the sign on the gift center, it's now easier than ever to buy an appropriate gift for anyone. Just get them a gift card. This holds true when shopping for the sportsmen (or sportswomen) in your life. When pressed with getting them a gift, all need to do now is just run on down to your local Stop & Shop and pick up either a Cabelas, or Bass Pro gift card.

     Its evident that the influence of these big box outfitters is growing, spreading through our society. Yet so frequently we read in outdoor sporting publications that the number of hunters is shrinking nation wide. As I drove home, I wondered if this was true, and what my role is in preventing our disappearance. Not having kids of my own, I've had little chance to introduce children to hunting. I've taken kids fishing before, but fishing remains widely popular, and requires little effort to start. I've also taken non-hunting friends on bird hunting trips. Usually friends who've helped me with dog training, so they could see the results of their time. I've got hunting friends with children, but even they are split, one friend frequently taking his kids fishing, or to the deer blind during the season, and another who tries to insulate his kid from his passion for hunting. Seems I'm planted firmly in the middle somewhere; wishing I could introduce a child to hunting, and the responsible use of our resources, but instead introducing adults when the situation arises. No less important, either.

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