Sunday, May 22, 2011

Answering The Question

     Some people don't get it. Others don't want to. There is a majority out there that just doesn't care. A majority that doesn't know, or refuses to admit that life goes on, and sometimes ends, off the grid iron. Quizzical looks when informed that, No, you really don't want to play for the company softball team. Befuddlement that you'd rather toss large hairy flies to bass, or shoot a round of trap, or hike across the crest of a distant mountain.

     Others think they know better than you, better than everyone. They know that the forest must have trees, that mustn't be cut, and that the meat aisle is where you get your meat, should you absolutely have to eat it. They know the best foods are stamped "organic" and over priced, and unless so, they're not of the best quality. They'll tell you so even as the freshly plucked plumage swirls in the breeze at their feet.

     Fortunately there are some who still understand that a little sweat equity makes everything taste better. That rising before dawn, and watching the world wake up is good for the soul. And that watching a well built campfire burn is way more entertaining than CSI, Miami will ever be. I've never been able to explain why I'm drawn to the outdoors; I just am. I do know that hunting, and fishing, hiking, canoeing, and especially  owning and training a gundog, and all that encompasses, make me a better person.

     While I may not be able to explain adequately, I've come across someone who can, and if you haven't read it before, I think you'll be glad you did, and if you have read it before, you'll no doubt want to read it again. And while there's no doubt as to the author, and publication, they need, and deserve thanks for putting out what myself, and probably many others have never been able to say. So, Thank You, William G. Tapply, and Field and Stream.


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