Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spaniel Clinic Photos.

     Yesterday's account of the spaniel training clinic was created on the go. I was mobile, away from home base, unable to create to my fullest ability. Therefore, no pictures. Today you get the pictures, with some brief explanations. Enjoy.

The first segment Friday, David did a bit on puppy handling, and socialization. In this photo he is working with my pup, Ginger.

Here David watches as Jim handles Monty on some marked retrieves. Stopping to the whistle was also worked into the drills during this session.

In the afternoon some older dogs were worked on harder marks, over a fence. During this session David worked some of the dogs on the Back command, and some directional hand signals.

Here a little Cocker from the U.P. handles the fence smartly.

In this short video, Gus is made to remain steady before being sent for the retrieve. The dummy had already been tossed, and Gus held back for a spell, but he hunts the mark enthusiastically for the dummy.

On day two we moved into the woods for a scent trailing drill. Here a helper gets ready to fire a cap before a mark is tossed for the dog. After the mark was tossed, the dog would be healed away, the mark picked up, and then the dog sent for the non-existing mark. The dog would be expected to follow the pre-layed scent trail that crossed the line to the mark. This drill worked well, and encourages a dog to be bold in it's trailing, and confident in it's nose.

Dogs and handlers waiting for their turn on the line.

The last drill on Saturday was a steady to flush drill. Here dogs and handlers, again, await their turn. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of this drill.

A quick shot of the sizable quail pen.

Saturday ended with a fantastic pig roast.

Views of the seating area. The tents came in handy, as we had showers, off and on, both days. When it wasn't raining it was hot and humid.

David and myself.

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