Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things You Should Check Out; Media & Style

     If you're like me you never get tired of reading and learning about things outdoors. Reading magazines, and books, and watching television show and videos about the outdoors have a tendency to get me pumped up for my next fishing trip, or dog training session, as well as often providing fuel for my blog. Sometimes that fuel is an idea pulled from some content. Other times it's a conflicting view. Sometime,unfortunately, it's the quality of the product that drives me create my own content as I'm doing now.

     One place where outdoors enthusiasts can find fresh, interesting, alternative views is the Outdoor Blogger Network. The OBN is a blogger network which lists outdoor related blogs. My blog has been listed on OBN for a year, and I'm sure you've seen their logo posted in the right hand margin. Whether you're looking to find more interesting content on the web, or dipping your toe into the blogging pool, OBN is the place to go. Check it out.

     More mainstream in it's styling, Integrated Digital Publishing is a web based publishing company that currently has two e-published magazines of interest to sportsmen, and a third in the works. The Contemporary Sportsman, and The Contemporary Wingshooter are currently available to subscribers, while Backcast is still in the works. These are high quality productions, and sure to provide you some entertainment. As a grouse hunter, I do however have an issue with IDP's slogan "Read Green". Surely they must know that to have grouse you need early growth forest, and to have early growth forest you need timber cutting. Perhaps the good folks over at IDP need to spend a bit more time reading ASO? Anyway, subscriptions to IDP's magazines are FREE. Check them out.

     This next bit has nothing to do with media, and everything to do with style. As does sometimes happen, and hopefully will one day happen to me, Americans travel across the pond to partake in the British tradition of driven game shooting. Many shoots still uphold the tradition of dressing sharply, adorned in tweed. Personally, I like tweed. I've amassed a small collection that serves a daywear, and often sees the sporting clay, or skeet field. Should the day come that I travel abroad to shoot, or join The Vintagers (much more likely, and yes, I shoot a double) I will be prepared. Should you be gearing up for a trip to the UK, a Vintager in need of new duds, or just a fan of nice looking tweed outfits, then you need to take a look at Bob Parratt Countrywear.  Bob can supply you with everything you'll need, and he'll do at a great price, too. Shipping will cost you a bit more as your good are travelling from overseas, but a complete outfit from Bob will still cost you less than buying just a coat at your local Barbour retailer. Check it out.

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