Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goings On.

     April has been a rough month over here at All Seasons. Real life has crept up, and thrown a monkey wrench into my usual routine. Regular readers of this blog must have wondered where I've been, and why I've not posted in over a month. I apologize for keeping you all hanging, and leaving you with nothing to read. So here is a brief summary of what's been happening, and what will be happening. Hopefully I'll be able to make up my absence with some exciting and interesting material over the next few weeks. Earlier in the month my beloved Subaru was unfortunately T-boned by a taxi cab. Fortunately neither my wife nor myself was hurt, but the car was deemed to be totaled. This left me at the mercy of a rental car company, who seldom put you in a suitable car. Poor Ginger had to endure a week of less than strenuous exercise until I was switched into a car that could hold a dog crate. I'm still not in a new car yet, but a settlement has been reached. I'm looking, so if anyone has any suggestions, send them my way.

     Next came a series of hospital visits. A bit of illness exposed a few unusual test results. A few more tests, and the mystery was revealed. Seems old age, and "good living" has caused my body to revolt somewhat, and it turns out I suffer from diabetes. Not really a big deal, as I'm not into sugary stuff, and eat pretty healthy. A few adjustments, and I'm back on track. Plus, I've been assure that I can still enjoy my occasional scotch. Dealing with paper work for the insurance company, and multiple hospital visits did however, sap me of a lot of motivation. That lack of motivation manifested itself in a failure to sit down and write.

   I do believe I have gotten past this slight set back, and have a few things in the pipeline. Turkey season is right around the corner, and hopefully I'll have some good news to pass on here real soon. I'll also be traveling overseas. I'll be spending three weeks in Japan next month. I'm looking into trying to get into some of the Japanese sporting tradition. I've put in a call to my friend Hiroaki, who is an angler, and hopefully I'll be spending some time wading a river with my 3wt fly rod. I'm also looking into trying to meet up with some birddog people over there. Yes, they've got birddogs in Japan. At a minimum I'll be putting some miles, or kilometers as the case may be, on my hiking boots. So keep your eyes peeled for a few international postings.

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