Friday, April 27, 2012

Things You Should Check Out; Summer Preview

     With the warm weather on the horizon I have begun preparing a heat management plan. During the grouse hunting season I think I stumbled upon a solution. Here is the break down.

     Over the years I've struggled with one of the most annoying and potentially dangerous things a sportsman can deal with when the temperature drops; sweat. Even on the coldest days I'd readily soak my back following the dogs. I was stubborn in my insistence of wearing clothing made of traditional materials. While I still believe wool to be one of the best materials on the planet, this past season I decided to try a new approach to my sweat management. I began collecting clothing made from newer, technical materials that breath, wick sweat, and dry quickly. One of the components of my layering system is quickly becoming one of my go to shirts on the warmer days, and is a product I've no hesitation recommending to my readers. It's the LL Bean Timberledge shirt. This shirt is light weight, yet feels durable, is breathable, wicking, and dries quickly. As a cold weather shirt I'd layer it between a thin workout type shirt, and a LL Bean Northweave shirt. In the warmer weather I've been wearing it alone. It has a nice feel against the skin, and is comfortable in it's cut. It comes in both long sleeve, and short. I've got a few of these, and I see a few more in my future. Check it out.


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