Friday, October 25, 2013


     I've decided it's time for ASO to to endorse a few products. Quality products that are affordable, accessible, and make sense to the everyday sportsman. At ASO we care more about a fulfilling time in the outdoors, than about looking good (though there is nothing wrong with looking good), and think our readers probably feel the same way. So, here is the first round of the All Seasons Outdoors endorsements.

     LaCrosse Alphaburly boots are my first choice of a product for an ASO endorsement. A quality wellie style of boot with and secure ankle fit, a good tread, and a stiff yet comfortable sole. This boot has become my first choice of footwear when venturing afield. That's why it is ASO endorsed.

     EMT gel is my next choice. All dog owners, and gundog owners particularly, know that dogs have the ability to make a mess of themselves at the worst possible time. When it's a bloody mess things get even trickier. EMT gel is easy to use, and effective. That's why it is ASO endorsed.

     Complete Springer Spaniel Training Series by Buccleuch gundog training in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland is a fantastic 4 DVD set that guides one through spaniel training from puppy to finished gundog. While this DVD set focus on training a spaniel the British way there are still tons of tips and drills that can be incorporated into other training programs. Whether you're a fan of the British or American spaniel training method, I recommend watching this set through to get an understanding of the method, and then making selected drill fit your program. That's why it is ASO endorsed.

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