Friday, October 4, 2013

Revelations, Part Two.

     In ones journey through the outdoors, they often change, and evolve. Over time one learns what works, what doesn't, what they like, and what they aren't too keen on. I've been no different, and my last post illustrated a few of those changes. But there are a few more.

     When it comes to guns sportsmen can easily ramble on and on for hours. Everyone has a favorite, and seldom do two people agree. The sheer number of gauge, action, barrel length, choke constriction, stock configuration, chamber size, configurations is overwhelming. And that's just shotguns.  I've shot quite a few different shotguns, and have developed a taste. While my main upland work horse is a 20 gauge side by side, I've discovered my taste has changed somewhat. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the 20. Being a bit of an anglophile I wanted a straight stocked gun, and I still like a straight stock. What I've come to realize, however, is that I like a bit more barrel lenght than the 26 inches it is sporting. Coupled with the fact that I actually do, like most, shoot an over and under better, I expect I'll be carrying my 12 gauge over and under a bit more than I usually have in years past. The superposed barrels, with a bit more heft, and length tend to swing a bit smoother for me.

     While the 12 gauge has proven to be fitting for me, I still haven't lost my love for the sub gauges. I will be looking for a 28" barreled, 20 gauge over and under this winter, and I will probably spend a bit more time shooting my 28 gauge over and under. While my 28 is also a short, light gun, it is a joy to shoot. Sporting 26" barrels on a true 28 gauge frame it is really quick. The gun is a looker, too, with a nice slim English style stock, and two triggers, it turns heads. Problem is, it needs to spend some time with a gunsmith, having trigger seer issues.


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