Monday, July 4, 2016

ASO Global Debut

     I've decided it is time for All Seasons Outdoors to go global. Really, I have. When I started this blog in 2011 I really had no idea what I was planning to do with it. As an avid outdoorsman I knew I had a lot of experience I could share, and being the type of guy who likes to help people this seemed like a good way to help out other outdoorsmen/women. Thus, All Seasons Outdoors was born.

      I've been fortunate also that I've had a couple of international adventures; fishing in Japan and driven pheasant shooting in England, as well as my usual grouse hunting and dog trialling, I could  share with readers,  Through All Season Outdoor I have also had the opportunity to correspond with some wonderful outdoor bloggers around the globe.

     Recently,  my wife and I have been thinking about what is important to us and re prioritizing many of our goals. We've been seriously discussing moving to Japan when I retire. It seems appropriate that we start exploring what outdoor (hunting) opportunities are available for us in Japan. So naturally we decided to expand the ASO audience to Japan. To do this we have built a mirrored All Seasons Outdoors blog in Japanese.

     The Japanese version of ASO will pretty much be a mirror image of the English language version, however, it will not have all of the old posts. All new posts will be translated in to Japanese, and over time we will translate some of the past posts into Japanese. Both versions of the blog will also have a link connecting each other, so one can switch back and forth between languages if they wish. Hopefully this expansion will entertain, and educate Japanese sportsmen and women, and open an avenue of education and networking for us.

In the meantime, if you know any Japanese hunters, anglers, gun dog people, or anyone who you think might be interested, please direct them to the blog.

All Season Outdoors- Japan

Also, here is a link to the ASO introductory post from 2011.

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