Monday, April 18, 2011

April Doldrums

     It's been a slow April around here, and if you're a regular follower of my blog, no doubt you've noticed. Fact is, April has pretty much sucked. Yeah, the weather is improving, and my weekend in Bermuda was nice, but everything I've been involved in, so far, has just illustrated shortcomings in my life. Fortunately, these shortcomings are temperary.

     The wind in Bermuda ruining my chance at bonefish was a disappointment, but it was only the start of the down swing. Last week I headed out to central Mass to do some trout fishing with my good friend George. We'd, at George's instance, headed to the Bondsville section of the Swift river. George has become absolutely obsessed with all things flyfishing in the last few years. His research indicated that this section of the river should hold fish. It did indeed hold fish, but the steep drop off, silty water, and brushy shoreline made casting to the few rising trout quite difficult. As a larger member of society, I'd add that the silty, soft bottom near the shoreline made the wading interesting too.

     After spending sufficient time getting frustrated in Bondsville, we decided to make the short trip north to the catch and release are of the Swift between the dam, and route 9. This section of the river is heavily fished, and heavily stocked, leading to George repeatedly referring to it as the "theme park section". Amazingly, upon our arrival we found only one car parked in the lot. This should have told us something. As it turned out, the river was a good 18" lower than I've ever seen it, and the clear water held very few fish. While we both found a few pockets and riffles holding fish, I failed to convince any of them to dine on what I was offering. George did a bit better, bringing two to hand.

     While not catching fish can be discouraging, other simpler activities have driven home other deficiencies in life as I know it right now. Today I took a short hike, just a couple miles looping through the woods, and up to the Blue Hills observatory. While a walk in the woods is always enjoyable, today I found my my head flooded with thoughts of hikes I took with Austin, my last dog, over the years. Couple this with the fact that today is a state holiday, so the picnic area and observation area popular with kids and their dogs was packed, and the doglessness of my life became pronounced.

     Fortunately I am certain that these troubling conditions will soon be a thing of the past. Every day I get closer to picking up my new pup, and I can't wait for the little lady to get here. My fishing troubles too, will pass. Like most things, time and effort make a difference. Being early in the season, I really shouldn't be too worried about a one lousy day on the river. Especially when I've got other days planned already.

     I've got a few things simmering. My turkey tags came in the mail, leaving me with a few things I'll need to do before setting forth. I'll be spending time on the practice range with my bow, as well as make new poles for my pop-up blind. I've got some plans to do a bit more hiking before the bugs make their appearance, and even bought a new backpack for these occasions. Perhaps I'll even get the chance to stuff my new pack with waders and flyfishing gear for a hike-in adventure somewhere.

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  1. I think the doldrums hit every outdoorsman once or twice a year. The good thing is that time cures every case of it, and there's always something around to pass the time.