Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The True Value of "The Guys"

     Grouse season is a magical time of year. It's like Christmas, and summer vacation rolled up into one big package for adults. Thanksgiving falls during the season is an added bonus. It's during this time of year that we attend the highest of holy rituals; Grouse camp. It's at camp, over the years, that you realize the guys you share camp with, that shoot over your dog, and over whose dogs you get to shoot, that your friendship extends beyond hunting grouse.

     I've been lucky enough to shoot and enjoy camp with the same syndicate (a word I've lifted from the British shooting vernacular) for a dozen years now. And anyone who shares a camp in the fall knows that longevity is the sign of more than just sharing the same ethics, enthusiasm, and appreciation of the outdoors. Over time, camp becomes more important than,....well, camp. The hunting might be the reasoning we use when we talk to our spouses, but truth is the food, drink, new guns, bragging rights dogs, and all out ball breaking is really the main attraction. You all know this already, and this is turning into a really long introduction of what this post really is; a sandwich recipe. But it is the source of the recipe that makes me write all this. My good shooting buddy of many years, Bryan, recently sent me a link to what may be the best camp lunch EVER. And if grouse camp didn't morph into what it really is, and was just about the hunting, I might have never found out about this sandwich.

     So, I give to you, The Shooter's Sandwich.

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