Monday, April 11, 2011

Things You Should Check Out.

     Here are two things I think are pretty cool, and think you should check out. Take a look, and if you've got the time, or the money think about either getting involved, or making a small donation.

     Project Healing Waters Flyfishing is an organization that takes disabled active duty military, and veterans flyfishing. Started in 2005, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Project Healing Waters is dedicated to both the physical, and emotional rehabilitation of those wounded in service to their country. Regardless of ones beliefs, and opinions of our ongoing military actions around the globe, I think we all agree that the men and women who serve do so for a variety of reasons, and deserve a seem less reintegration into civilian life. Doing so after suffering a life changing injury makes this even more difficult. If time on the water can make a severely wounded vet forget, even for a little while, the sacrifice that's been made, then any donation is worth it. Hopefully the efforts of PHWFF will touch these vets, and the lessons learned on the water will translate into success off the water. Check them out;

     Florian Villa is a villa on St John, V. I. which hosts diving retreats for disabled veterans, called SUDS (Soldiers Undertaking Disabled SCUBA) as part of the Wounded Warriorr Project. They also make the villa available to the families of fallen firefighters. Florian Villa is owned by Scott Wahlen, who is a captain on the Boston Fire Dept and was a class mate of mine at the fire academy, and his wife Deborah Bernstein, who holds yoga retreats at the villa in addition to being the athor of two books; Yoga in America, and What is Yoga?. Check them out;

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