Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Off Course; Other Interests and Things.

    All Seasons Outdoors has moved. We've got a new office, with some real nice neighbors. Well,...sort of.
     While not as extravagant as other locations, this new office is ideal in that it offers access to the wifi from my nearby living room, easy access to my kitchen, a friendly neighborhood breeze, and doubles as a puppy training facility. At night it is kept bright with a series of solar powered lights, and a candle, while four strategically placed tiki torches filled with citronella keep the bugs at bay. When not writing, this area is ideal for sipping cocktails with the missus too.

     Did I mention the new office comes with new neighbors? A nice family has taken up residence nearby, and I'm keeping my eyes open, awaiting the new arrivals.

     In mixing the outdoors, with other interests, I spent the weekend at The Old Men Of The Mountain Rugby Fest. How exactly does rugby, and the outdoors mix? Well, for the last 27 years, this event has been held in Franconia, New Hampshire. Held along side the Gale river, and with a spectacular mountainous back drop, this oldboys rugby event is held at what I believe to be the most beautiful rugby venue in the world.

     While you are assured to see plenty of wildlife on the rugby pitch, driving the country roads, or hiking in the nearby White Mountains is sure to be a thrill too. Next year, this old rugger is heading up a day early, with a fly rod as well as my rugby kit.

***Special Note*** This was a combined BRFC/BIGRFC side.

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