Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things You Should Check Out - Shoot Tech

Everything in life comes with a certain amount of responsibility attached to it. Being a home owner, I find myself spending shotgun, and flyrod time with screw driver, and paint brush. Such is life. Hunting too, comes with it's own responsibilities, and everyone knows proficiency, and accuracy with your gun is one of them. Most responsible hunters spend time on the range, be it skeet, sporting clays, a rifle range, or an archery 3-D course. As responsible, and fun as it is, we also find ourselves wanting to improve these skills. Well, here are a couple of things that any wingshooter will find helpful.

OSP Shooting School- Gil and Vicki Ash run this shooting school, and have produced a few shooting books and DVDs. They also take their show on the road, doing seminars around the globe. But what has helped me the most has been the OSP Tips section of the website, where a variety of articles can be found.

Podcasts- the world has become hi-tech, and shooters should take advantage of this. I'm not talking about expensive video systems what turn your family room into a virtual skeet field, but you should take advantage of some of the podcasts offered by iTunes. While most pod casts are audio only, many have a video componenet too, and it's these that could help a wingshooter. One of the podcasts I like is from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and is also offered on their website.

Check these out. I think you'll find them entertaining, and helpful.

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