Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back On Track, And Getting It Done

     While the keyboard may have layed dormant for the last few months here at ASO, things continued to happen, and dog training was my number one priority. Having committed to campaigning Ginger in some form of organized field event I further tailored her training, and exercise routine.  I knew that before too long the time would arrive when she was entered in an event, heeled to the line, and cast on. The time came last weekend, and Ginger was entered in her first AKC hunt test.

     The test was held at Hedgerow kennel and Hunt Club in Royalston, Massachusetts, and sponsored by The American Spaniel Club. A variety of flushing dogs, both field bred and bench bred, from around the country participated. In attendance were the usual Springers, and Cockers, as well as a Welshie, a Boykin, and a Flat Coated Retriever. Tests were held on both Saturday, and Sunday, and I registered Ginger in the Senior Hunter class for both days. I'm glad I did. My little girl didn't let me down, and passed with qualifying scores on both days.

      Training throughout the year Ginger saw lots of cover, and terrain.

Then came test time.Ginger and I were ready to go.

Ginger was cast on,....

and a chukar went up,....

only to come down.

Retrieved quickly to hand like a proper spaniel should.

Then came the hunt dead test, and Ginger was once again cast forward.

And a bird produced for the judges.
A water mark was the final portion of the test,....
and Ginger made it look easy.

I'm proud of my girl, and look forward to future tests.
Two SH legs down, three more for the title, then we start all over again at the Master Hunter level.


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