Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things You Should Check Out; Viewing, and Seeing

     Serious sportsmen and women around the globe are constantly finding new ways to show others their craft and passion. Changes in the way we get our information hasn't gone unnoticed, and Youtube has been a fore runner in delivering entertainment to millions. It is on Youtube where I found a couple of channels worth promoting.

     The first channel is The Consummate Sportsman, where a group of friends take us on all kinds of hunting, and fishing in the Mid-West. They have quite a few laughs, catch some big fish, do some good shooting, and have some pretty good dogs.

     The other channel is The Shooting Show. This UK based channel is all things shooting, from wingshooting to big game, clays, fowl, and competitive. It's a look into the shooting lifestyle of our brother and sister sports across the pond. Check it out.

     From viewing we move on to seeing. If you've aged at all like I have you've no doubt suffered a bit in the eye sight department. As I sit here typing this I am indeed bespectacled, my trusty reading glasses perched on the bridge of my nose. It isn't too hard to imagine some of the issues the visually challenged sportsman must encounter; try tying on a size 22 midge, or reading a gazetteer without a good set of readers is just about impossible. Well, there is no need for the sportman to look more aged than necessary in a pair of drug store glasses. Orvis is offering a few nice pair of readers so one can look their best, and see. Offered in several styles from which one can choose. I am partial to The Consultant and expect to order a pair real soon. Check them out.

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