Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patriot Sporting Spaniel Club Field Trial.

     The Patriot Sporting Spaniel Club held a field trial in Conway NH over the weekend. I decided the time had come to enter Ginger, so a few weeks ago we sent our check in, and awaited our place in the running order. Ginger's performance was far from flawless, but good enough to get us to the second series, which was good enough for me. If you haven't ever been to a spaniel field trial before you may want to consider attending one someday. A field trial offers all that is fun, and flashy in spaniels; hunting, flushing, and retrieving. And if you've got a spaniel, I highly recommend giving trialling a chance, if for no other reason than it's a lot of fun for both you and the dog. We had a great time, met lots of nice people, and got to see a lot of good, and exciting dog work.

The puppy stake

 An exciting puppy retrieve
 A steady pup watches a fly-away
 Another exciting puppy retrieve

 Dan Lussen & FC Pondview II's Secret Agent (JB) in the open stake 3rd series, on their way to a 4th place finish.
 A Triple River pup
Me and Ginger waiting for our debut run
 Instructions from the judge, and we're off


 Ginger honors her brace mate's flush and retrieve,
 and soon gets a retrieve of her own
 The start of Ginger's second series
 A nice retrieve in the second

**All Photos by Junko Nakao Rich**

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