Thursday, November 7, 2013

Action Alert: Maine Bear Hunting in Danger

     Bear hunting as we know it in the state of Maine is in danger of being irreparable changed. Special interest groups, which is a nice way of saying anti-hunting groups, have decided that they know what is better for Maine, and it's bear population that the professional, wildlife biologists and managers who are employed by the state. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting are collecting signatures to get a referendum on next Novembers ballot that would stop trapping of bears, and the hunting of bears using bait, and dogs.

     If you've ever spent any time hunting bears then you know that to manage the bear population in bear rich state like Maine without the use of these management tools is impossible. In fact, even with the use of these tools it is quite difficult, and Maine's bear population continues to grow. It is important to manage all species of wildlife, and bear in particular, with all the tools available to both minimize bear human encounters, and for the health of the bears. Yes. For the health of the bears. Any area of habitat used by a species only has enough resources for so many of that species. Once a population goes above the carrying capacity of the habitat the species is subject to malnutrition, starvation, and disease.

     So what can you do, you might ask? First, check out to fully educate yourself on what is happening, and why it is bad. While your there, check out, and like them on Facebook, so their message may be spread further. Then, be sure to educate your friends, especially if they live in Maine. And lastly, if you're in Maine, please remember to vote next November.

     And remember, even if you're not a bear hunter, or a big game hunter, the tactics used by HSUS can be used against you, to attack your sport one day. We must all stick together to make sure that sound science, and best quality management practices are used in our woodlands and forests.

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