Saturday, November 2, 2013

Endorsements 2

     In my quest to entertain and educate sportsmen I have decided to further expand my endorsements. I've added an endorsements page where you can see the products, retailers, outfitters, and things all seasons outdoors that I believe warrant attention. All you need to do is click on the endorsements tab just below the ASO logo to see what products I believe in.

     I've included a couple new endorsements. If you live in New England and need new equipment or clothing there are only two retailers that I believe know what the sportsmen of the region not only want, but need. While some of the bigger names have fancy advertising, and large, colorful catalogues, I've found that their regional marketing often falls flat. This is especially noticeable when you visit their mega-stores looking for something you could use. It is for that reason that I am endorsing both Kittery Trading Post, and LL Bean.  Both of these retailers know what the north east outdoorsman needs, and both have knowledgeable salespeople working their (in the case of LLB, flagship) store.

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