Friday, May 9, 2014

Bushy Hill Hunt Test

     The Bushy Hill Field Trial Association hosted a hunt test at Bruzgul farm in Lagrangeville NY, the weekend of May 3rd and 4th. It's no secret how entertaining, and fun both hunt tests, and field trials can be. Whether you're running a spaniel, or any other flushing breed, there is sure to be something you'll like going on. This event saw quite a few different breed running at every level. In addition to the usual compliment of Springers, and Cockers were a selection of retrievers, Boykins, and even an Airedale.

     In addition to hunt testing this event served as a reunion of sorts, as there were three of us running dogs who'd also attended the David Lisett clinic in Pa. a few years ago. It was at the clinic where I picked up Ginger as a pup, and met Tom Matterer of Pa, and his Golden Retriever, Kramer. Also a Lisett clinic alumni, Richard Soule of NY was running his Buccleuch bred Springer, Petter, in the Senior Hunter class. It was in the Senior Hunter class that all three of our dogs earned qualifying scores, with Ginger and Petter each finding themselves one leg away from a Senior Hunter title, and Kramer earning his title. Congrats, Kramer.

Day One

Day Two

**Photos by Junko Nakao Rick 

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