Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things You Should Check Out.- Covey Rise Magazine

     If you're looking for some good upland wingshooting reading I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Covey Rise magazine. I suggest you pick up the April-May 2014 issue in particular. Why? Well, seems the people at Covey Rise have good taste in dogs, and gave Ginger a little love, publishing a few picks of her. Yes, I'm a bit biased. And yes, I'm boasting a bit. But seriously, Ginger is a damned cute dog, and Covey Rise is some good reading.

     A large format, glossy magazine, the Covey Rise format is layed out nicely. Each issue features a selected dog breed, a destination, an outdoor artist, a game cooking chef, and a gun review. In between each feature is a story about hunting, or shooting. Equal parts tweed, and blaze orange there is something I think everyone can appreciate in this magazine. Check it out.

Covey Rise

Ginger in the pages of Covey Rise

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