Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Central Ct Spaniel Club Hunt Test Success

     The Central Connecticut Spaniel Club hosted a hunt test at Nod Brook management area in Simsbury Ct last weekend. The two day event saw lots of JH, and MH dogs, and a handful of SH dogs all working towards their appropriate titles. While Springers were the most represented breed, various Cockers, Boykins, Labs, and even a Flat Coated retriever were in attendance.

     The weather was beautiful, though a bit warm and humid, and the cover nice and full. The birds, despite their being wet with morning due for the early land series' cooperated and flushed nicely. Often at hunt tests Chukars get trapped by a hard charging dog before they get airborne, some where on the order of 50% of the time. This test saw a much lower percentage of trapped birds, with birds being flushed 75-80% of the time.

     This hunt test proved to be unique in the large number of dogs that earned a title, and moved up to the next level as well. While I failed to make notations, I'd guess that better than 50% of the dogs that made it though earned a title. And Ginger was one of them, earning her Senior Hunter title on Saturday, and moving up to the Master level, where she earned her first Master Hunter qualifying score. I couldn't have been any happier with Ginger's final Senior Hunter run, turning out what I think was nearly perfect. Day two, as is prone to happen, proved to be a bit more difficult (not only because we moved up to MH level), but she made it through.

Starbury Ponkapoag Ginger Snap SH

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